Scotchguard and/or cleaning Tokidoki bags?

  1. I've been collecting Tokidoki bags for awhile, but just recently got a few big white ones in Adios star and Tutti. I'm worried about keeping them clean. Any suggestions?

    Should I ScotchGuard them? Has anyone tried this? THX! :confused1:
  2. There are tons of threads on this with alot of information in them, sorry I am too lazy to find you the links... I think you can just use the search feature and at least 10 will pop up.

    But yes, people have tried it. Some successful, some not.
  3. ditto what Jessaka said. i don't mean to target you specifically, OP, but everyone should definitely use the search function more often because this topic has been talked about quite a lot.

    I personally Scotchguard the bags before I use them and if I happen to see a spot (rarely) I use the Tide to Go Pen on it and it disappears.
  4. Yeah, I was trying to be nice too because she is new and probably didn't know there were alot of topics on it.

    I'm just really tired of hearing about small spots or little traces of dirt on toki bags...Now, if a whole pile of cow crap fell on my bag, then I might be pissed. LOL. That's a real problem.

    btw, this is not directed toward anyone - just in general I'm so tired of it.
  5. LOL~~ omg jessaka, :roflmfao: yeah! i don't think scotchguard or a tide-to-go pen can cure that one~! hahaha... maybe a "cleaning/keeping your tokidoki bags clean" sticky thread... ?
  6. lol jess! you're sounding like ragdollia.. "if your bag fell into the toilet" :p

    yea, we need more pinned topics. even though that really won't stop those people who feel the need to open a brand new topic every time they get a new purse.
  7. I wasn't aware that wasn't welcome here, since it seems everyone does it? :confused1:

    I think it's the great feeling of being able to share our excitement in a forum where others will understand, since in many cases our families don't quite get it.


  8. ^I can understand how people are so excited that they got one new bag...but every single time they get a new bag posting a new thread is kind of's kind of unnecessary since we have a collection thread. I would just post the pic of the new bag in the collection thread and not make a new thread for every single bag. But, that is just my opinion. I will not tell people what to do and not to make new threads because I am not in the position to do so.

    moofia - maybe one sticky thread would be good for tips or whatever for keeping toki bags clean instead of having alot but I guess that's for the mods to decide eh? lolz...I would do it though if I were a mod.

    kim - lolz...i sound like paulie eh? haha. I think she and I have a few of the same views on things so yeahh I guess I can kinda see it lolz.
  9. lol i know the excitement, but it would make more sense to post it in the collection thread. & i know it's an open forum for asking opinions, but i feel like every time someone is thinking of getting a new bag, they open up a whole new thread asking what other people think (even if they already did in the past). for me, even though i go back and forth about buying certain bags, i really don't care what anyone else thinks about it.

    i guess my point is i just see a lot of the same threads over and over. and at one point, there were ten threads on the first page all from the same user talking about pretty much the same thing. :rolleyes:

    anything else i'm happy to help ;)