Scotchgrain Tote

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  1. Hi!

    Does anyone own a scotchgrain tote bag or any other bag in the line?

    I am keen to add to my collection and the Bayswater tote in scotchgrain has caught my eye but thought I should get some opinions from others to help with my decision.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi K-Mac
    Big fan of Scotchgrain here. Just a classic look and so very durable. One never need worry about the weather, once you've treated any leather trim on the item. Fantastic for travel. Actually thinking about replacing an old clipper I used to have, it was indestructible and saw me through many journeys. I now have a satchel, a backpack, a few small items, all older and all still providing stellar service. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase new. The Bayswater Scotchgrain tote is lovely and I'd say your biggest decision will be Black? or Mole? ;)
    Hopefully someone who owns one of these will come along soon to give their take and good luck with your decision!:smile:
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