scotchgarding your toki

  1. i just scotchgarded my new vacanze ciao ciao and i found that the red color in the "tokidoki for lesportsac", the cactus friend, red bomb, and pretty much anything that is red with white surrounding bleeds a little. it's not a big deal, but it's kind of bothersome. has anyone else had this problem?
  2. I think someone else posted how the Vacanze pattern has a blur around the tokidoki for lesportsac already. I don't think it bleeds that much since it's already a little blurry?

    But whenever I scotchguard my bags, they're usually fine.
  3. I haven't bothered to scotchguard my bags...I only did on my tutti since it's a lot of white...but as for my Vacanze I didn't use, and I used it for 1 month...didn't even get dirty...if it has a lot of bright colors I feel you really don't need to put scotchguard...well thats just me...hehe...but my BV vacanze it's still nice and clean...
  4. I believe the scothguard nothing to do with Vacanze's surface

    coz it's already come with bags comes from manufacture

    I have post this before to

    page 81

    and 82

    apparently all Vacanse BV has similar this problem and some people didn't notice this spot until they reading the thread forum then realise it :supacool:
  5. I don't know about the Vacanze print, but there have been others who got a little blurriness or streaking from Scotchguarding. I had streaking, but that was from color bleeding from the LeSportsac ribbon and I was able to completely get it out with a Magic Eraser.
  6. I notice that on my Vacanze BV with little blurriness from the red off the white...I think all the bags are like that...even my transporto bag...