Scotchgard to protect tokidoki bag?

  1. I read somewhere on the web to use scotchgard to protect your tokidoki bag before you use it. I don't know if it is such a good idea. I've never used scotchgard and I don't want to wreck the purse or have it smell. Has anyone heard of this or tried it?
  2. i think my friend has tried this & it's worked for her. i would try it if i ever remember to buy some. otherwise, i just wipe my bag down w/a lightly soapy warm rag.
  3. Yup, I was the one who posted the suggestion - I use Scotch Guard on all (about 25) of my LeSportsac bags and it works really well. No smell after it dries, either.
  4. Where do you buy scotchguard...Target??

    Are any of your bags signed? Just about all of mine are...I don't think I can spray scotchguard on the drawing...can I??
  5. You can get it in any supermarket in the cleaning products aisle. None of my bags are signed, and I wouldn't spray it on the signed parts if they were - I think it would make the ink run all over the place.
  6. Thanks for the info. What if I spray it on my bag but then eventually want to get it signed...can he sign on the scotchguard or do you think it will wipe off?
  7. He can still sign on the Scotch Guard - it wears off over time. Each time you spray it will last 3-6 months depending on how often you use the bag (so you have to keep re-spraying every so often).
  8. Thanks to the wonderful which is one of the first places I found while searching for Tokidoki bag info, I have Scotchgarded all my bags as they came through the door. I definitely recommend it.
  9. Hmmm, thanks! I think I need to get some for my adios star zucca & said just don't get it on the leather...can I get it on the zipper or the zipper pulls? :confused1: I'm messy w/chemicals...perhaps I'll have my BF do the spraying.
  10. You can, but they will feel a little sticky afterwards. I wipe off any overspray onto the leather or hardware with a clean, damp sponge (there is always some overspray when I do it). Oh, and do your spraying outside if you can.
  11. Good idea about outside...and wiping off the excess...thanks so much for all the info. I really appreciate it!!
  12. I bought "Protect All" at Walmart, its made by Kiwi. It's made for leather and fabrics. You can find it in the shoe department. It cost $4 and I emptied my bag, took the handle off and sprayed it all over and let it air out overnight. (yes, it smells, but it does go away) It seems fine today. The spray is mostly a water repellant, which will help with stains too. I've been using it on my leather bags for years and works great! The spray doesn't make it wet and its invisible.
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    Blackwidow-do you happen to have the nintendogs dalmation bag with the red handles? I have that one too! I'm guessing you have the same one! Ha!
  15. OKay, so I checked out the scotchguard tonight at the market near my house...ummmm, it was $8.50 for the that a lot?? It seemed a bit high to me so I'm gonna check out target.

    My adios bag is filthy and I used it about 7 times. I highly recommend scotchguarding that sucka before use!!!!