Scotchgard Leather Protector

  1. Can bbag be cleaned using this product?

    There is no Apple Gard or Lubiderm in the country I'm at :cry:!!! Are there any substitutes-- leather car care products/spray/conditioner-- to be used without ruining the bag? Thanks a lot as always :heart:
  2. I probaby wouldn't use scotchguard. Maybe go to a store that sells high-end bags and buy one of their products or get recommendations from them.

    Where are you located? I'm assuming because you refer to Scotchguard that you are in Oz?
  3. I use this cream leather cleanser that is made by Bally to clean my bags and it works very,very well! I should add that I have only used it to clean my '06 rose city so far but never on a darker coloured b-bag.
  4. I'm in Thailand. I was thinking of going to the dept. store to look for some cleaning/protecting products for my bbags, I would like to properly clean them! Dunno where to start. :cry: :cry:

    toiletduck, do I go into a Bally store and ask for the cream leather cleanser?