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  1. I've got a cousin looking for recommendations. It may or may not be a gift. :yes:
  2. i'm not really a scotch drinker, but when i do, johnny walker black is my favorite. mid priced, but still has good character. single malts are a bit much for me, but most people who are scotch drinkers enjoy the nuances of those.

    maybe a book so he can learn for himself? The Instant Expert's Guide to Single Malt Scotch: Books: Kevin Erskine
    or asmall airplane bottles of a few brands so he can taste the differences? a blend, a double malt, a single malt. the person at the liquor store or a bartender friend will be able to help you best.
  3. I second Johnny Walker father is a big scotch drinker and he loves it.
  4. another vote forf johnny walker black. smooth and easy.
  5. I went to a johnny walker tasting thing and I did like the black, but not more than the green..yum. I think gliffinditch (sp?) arberlour (sp?) and glenlivet (oh wow I am not sure how to spell any of these names) are single malts I've tried and liked. Yummy aftertaste...I don't drink scotch though, just when offered.
  6. I'm a bourbon drinker myself but I have heard that all of cola262's recommendations are good scotches.
  7. Macallan Single Malt Scotch is the best!! I have an 18 year old bottle (distilled in 1977) and it is great. I hate to admit that I am a scotch drinker but i just love it.
  8. Johnny Walker definitely. :yes:
  9. Another vote for Johnny Walker!