Scotch Garding Coach bags

  1. For all y'all who Scotch Gard your Coach Signature bags... Is it ok to get the spray on the leather accents? Does it just wipe off the leather, or should one just be very careful not to hit the leather with it?

  2. I was just about to ask this question.
  3. I scotch guard my sig bags and just make sure to wipe it right off the leather (I would be careful if it was vachetta, but I dont have any vachetta sig bags)
  4. The only Coach bag I have scotch garded was my sig stripe swingpack and mini skinny. I tried to avoid the trim. I am sure some spray got on there, but I didn't wipe it off and it looks fine. I would probably wipe it off of a larger leather section...just to be safe.
  5. I have used Scotch Guard on my Hamptons Patchwork Tote, matching wristlet and zip around wallet, my large Denim Carly & matching wristlet. I was not especially careful when I sprayed and did not wipe off the leather accents. It did absolutely no harm. The leather gets a bit darker when it is wet with the spray but then dries back to its regular shade.