Jan 4, 2009
San Francisco

SCORPION, inspired by a true story, is a high-octane drama about eccentric genius Walter O’Brien and his team of brilliant misfits who comprise the last line of defense against complex, high-tech threats of the modern age. As Homeland Security’s new think tank, O’Brien’s “Scorpion” team includes Toby Curtis, an expert behaviorist who can read anyone; Happy Quinn, a mechanical prodigy; and Sylvester Dodd, a statistics guru. Pooling their extensive technological knowledge to solve mind-boggling predicaments amazes federal agent Cabe Gallo, who shares a harrowing history with O’Brien. However, while this socially awkward group is comfortable with each other’s humor and quirks, life outside their circle confounds them, so they rely on Paige Dineen, who has a young, gifted son, to translate the world for them. At last, these nerdy masterminds have found the perfect job: a place where they can apply their exceptional brainpower to solve the nation’s crises, while also helping each other learn how to fit in.
Did anyone else watch this? I thought the commercials looked kind of intriguing, but I wasn't planning on watching it. It came on after the Big Bang Theory though and I left it on. I thought it was good. I'm going to watch again next week.
Feb 16, 2008
Just watched the first episode and I'm loving it. I'm always afraid to get into a new show because there's a chance it could get cancelled. I'm taking a risk with this one.


My baby, Bellis
Aug 8, 2006
Anyone watching this? This has become my favorite show. I love the cast and every week is like a mini movie. Such a great script. The last one with that kid stuck in a sink hole. I was on the edge of my chair the whole episode. Especially love Elyes Gabel as Walter. Great actor especially when you know he is English and is putting on the American accent. :P And some gossip,..he and the actress that plays Paige are dating in real life. :giggles: