Scorpians in my house!

  1. I really need some help here girls:sad: Surprisingly, I live in Florida & not Arizona;) but as of last night, I've come to believe that our "occasional normal to have scorpian" is really a full blown infestation at my home. On the second day we moved in, I found a scorpian in my utility closet. I was told, hey it happens, probably won't see another one.. Then about weekly, I am finding one somewhere in our downstairs floor in the mornings.. Thank God our bedrooms are on the upper level~

    We went down to the beach a couple of weeks ago. I open up my beach umbrella & a scorpian falls out of it & comes within an inch of landing on my youngest's head :wtf:

    Last night, we had guests over & were sitting outside on the patio in the evening. I had the sconce on by the door. My kids were inside most of the time but they opened the door to ask me something & my oldest screamed "Scorpian!". There was a scorpian crawling on the doormat right in front of the door. And the final straw, just this morning. After coming downstairs to let my dog out & still having the jeebies from last night, I scoured the entire downstairs floor & saw nothing. I take him out to go potty & come back in & let him off his leash. Not 2 minutes later, I see him dash across the floor & I turn just in time to see a scorpian in the kitchen floor strike at his face! I screamed & grabbed him before it happened again.

    I told my DH I've about had it with this. My son told me the other other night that he was afraid to get out of bed to go to the bathroom because there might be a scorpian on the floor. That really bothered me:sad: Anyway, I've talked with an exterminater & he wasn't really helpful. His only suggestion was to put boots on & go trap them outside at night:rolleyes: Sure, I'll get right on that...

    I know in Arizona, it's pretty much an accepted part of living there but when I moved to the beach here, I did not sign up for this! I'm not a very skidish person but I just cannot swallow living with these things~ And if one of my children ever got stung I would not forgive myself.

    Anyway, does anyone know ANYTHING I can buy/use/do to kill/deter these things? I'm at the point where I want to move out. Thanks all~
  2. OHHH MYYY GODDDD!!!! And I thought the occasional little spider was bad! I live in the northeast so I have no clue what advice to give you except......MOVE!!!!!
  3. Yikes! That is horrible. The exterminator can't do anything?
  4. ^ You would think so! I have a feeling our exterminator has been sniffing the products too long if you know what I mean...

    I did some more research after this morning's fiasco & found some baited glue traps online. I ordered some but I don't know if they will work or not. I kind of hate the idea of actually LURING them into my house.. they seem to have no problem finding thier way in now!

    Oh, & I've been misspelling Scorpion :shame:
  5. I had no idea FL had these.
    I have never seen one IRL, I spray the heck out of the outside & inside of my home. HD has a scorpion spray, but I just use a 9 mo spray & spray every 3 weeks. I also create a boundary around my outdoor kitchen area like 10 ft from an enterance to my home. So by the time a bug crawls across this he's dead B4 he gets close to my home.
    Did you have a bug test as a condition of sale? How they test for scorpions is they go at night with a black light & the bug glows. Many pest inspectors are just too lazy to do this. I had a problem finding one here that would do it that way but finally did.
  6. Have you recently had any new landscape installed, especially palms??? I know that scorpions love nesting in palms and could have been imported in with trees and shurbs.

    What you can do to make this a bit more "fun" and less scary for your son is to get him a blacklight. Scorpions will glow under a blacklight. You could go hunting at night in the backyard. I would definitely call another exterminator.
  7. Well, Luckily for us, our home is a rental. Our dear friends who own it were generous enough to let us move into this house as they bought it as an investment property & remodeled it but wanted to wait until the market rebounded to try & sell it. We are building a home down the street & it wont be finished until Summer 08. I have mentioned the scorpions to my friends & they have been extremely apologetic. This morning, after the lastest encounters, I emailed her & she said they will "get on it immediately" (i.e. find a way to get rid of these buggers!)

    I knew about the blacklight although all of us are terrified of these things. I doubt any of us are going out with the blacklight anytime soon, LOL!

    Yes, there was some landscape "renovation" done with the remodeling process. I was told that the scorpions were most likely uprooted so to speak during this time. However, it's been at least 6 months ago when all this occured.

    It is the Florida Bark Scorpion & heres a picture of one.


    I've spoken with several lifelong residents & they were surprised to hear of such a thing as they have never seen one before. I told them to come to my house;)
  8. WOW. And the picture you posted above...ICK.

    I would definitely call another extiminator as mentioned in the PP.

    I also get my house sprayed indoors & outside our property. Our extiminator comes every 3 months. We have dogs & also live in a deer community. So I have to do what I think is best for me and my family.

    I wish you guys all the luck bc this would have me freaked out. Pls keep up updated.
  9. holy crap! I don't blame you one bit for freaking out about this...I couldn't live with the scorpions either. I'm sorry I can't offer any advice, but good luck!
  10. One solution - Get a cat. They'll take of the problem for you.

    By the way, if I ever saw one of those things I would probably pee my pants.
  11. ^ LOL, funny you should say that! I was on Petfinder all evening looking for a kitty. One that needs to protect my Shih Tzu puppy:p I had planned on gettting another cat after getting Bentley housetrained. That being a full time job as you are well aware! Seems now might be the time to do it~
  12. I would totally freak out and probably be afraid to open a closet or anything......... I lived in Florida for over 20 years. Lived 9 houses from the beach and on 5 acres along with various other houses and never ever saw a scoprian. (Did have pygmy rattle snakes....) What would concern me is the thought that there might have been a nest in the house or garage. Where was your beach umbrella stored??? I would get bug spray from the local hardware store and def. call a exterminator. I know there are also indoor bug sprays that are more organic and better to use than all the chemicals but at this point I would be willing to use chemicals to get rid of them. Did you think about using those bug bombs in the house--where you leave for a day and do the whole house????
    I do not know about scorpians but can these bugs bite and harm you? I myself would go out with those lights to see the bugs at night and a few cans of bug spray and kill therm all and see where they are coming from.
    I wish you luck. This is not something you need to deal with.
  13. Ugh!! No advice for you, but I wish you luck getting rid of them. When I went to high school in FL, we had scorpions in the locker rooms. No wonder I always hated gym class!
  14. Thanks girls :yes:

    Actually, my DH offered to go scorpion hunting if I would get him a blacklight (runs furiously to Wal-Mart....)
    He thinks it will be fun~ has to be a man thing:rolleyes: LOL!

    Luckily this scorpion is considered "non venomous" however I don't think I could be any more adverse to them if they were! While not considered deadly, their sting is said to be VERY painful~ My gardener has been stung & said it was like being stabbed with an ice pick! While it might not cause a huge problem for adults, I have small kids , 4 & 7. I also have a Shih Tzu who's only 10lbs. Unfortunately, the sting is VERY bad for small dogs. For some reason small dogs are very sensitive to the sting & it can/will cause temporary paralysis :sad: However, a cat isn't really affected by their sting~

    I've read up on them as much as possible... Not many sprays will work on them it seems?!
  15. LOL, did you ever use the line "Can I be excused from class, there's a scorpion in my gym shorts"? :lol: