Scored yesterday! *with pix* Sorry so LONG

  1. Sooo excited! :yahoo::yahoo:I went shopping yesterday with DH at Holt-Renfrew in Montreal. Went there specifically to see H, of course. Walked in and at the entrance to boutique saw a bunch of 25cm Kellys and KPs in a display including, front and center, a black boxcalf w/ GHW! Another step or two and I saw two 30cm Birkins and a JPG Birkin on the shelf! [I did an Inventory thread, if you're curious]. Well, I wasn't looking to buy a bag because I knew how expensive H is in Canada and (primarily) because I got my first H bag in August and my second last month. :angel:

    I couldn't help asking if they had any Kelly Longues - figured that would be a slightly smaller transgression - or any other Birkins (:shame:c'mon, like YOU wouldn't have asked!?) An SA said no. So DH and I looked at scarves and I put two on hold (with a different SA) to decide while we walked around the rest of the store. I just wanted to buy something, but they were ridiculously overpriced. We went to look at clothing (my 15-year HS reunion is next weekend:sweatdrop:). I tried on a bunch of stuff, but nothing fit right or looked good, so of course I got depressed. On our way back down the escalator I said, "now I'm all depressed from trying on jeans, maybe I need to buy a clutch to make me feel better and I'll just wear something I already have but it won't matter because I'll have a new H bag!"

    So we go back to H and the SA who was helping me was at lunch. Another SA saw me eying the Kellys and KPs and came over. I said someone was helping me earlier, not wanting to give away her sale, but got the idea he was the SM, or at least very senior, because he whipped out the list of stock and told me everything I asked (they did have a longue and more Birkins and Kellys!) The first SA was clearly either very new or filling in, because she actually didn't know what the longue was and obviously didn't have the authority to offer a Birkin from the back. So I start playing with the black box Kelly and the adorable bleu brighton Birkin. I kept going back and forth. From tPF I know how unusual it is to see a box Kelly on the shelf, and I know that I want one eventually, but plan on getting a 28cm. Also, my life is very casual and this would be just an evening bag for me (not formal, but really nice restaurants, etc.) so would only end up using it a few times a year, which would be sad, IMO - plus way harder to justify the $$, kwim?

    The Birkin was really cute, but blue and 30cm (always figured my first B would be 35cm), and I explained to the SA that I want to get "the basics" first. He said they had a Parchmein in back. I said I like the color, but it wouldn't really be practical for me. He asked what would be my first choice "basic" Birkin. I said gold togo. He scanned his list some more. And then he murmured, "If I told you I had a gold togo 30cm with Palladium, would you be pleased?":yes: Oh, wow. It was upstairs in the "back room", but I didn't want him to have to get it unless I really thought I'd buy it. :hrmm::hrmm:

    OK, well, you know how this one ends, so no strip tease this time....Voici Ms. B!!! (And thanks for bearing my loooong post!)
    IMG_1228.JPG IMG_1230.JPG IMG_1234.JPG
    now we just need some modeling pics
  3. gorgeous!!! congrats!!! so do you like the 30? i think gold togo is just divine! i am so happy for you! now.... how do we get you that longue for your reunion? lol.
  4. Lovely story. Congratulations! You make me want to fly there now!
  5. i love this long story. great choice too, you will use this color with everything. Glad to hear they were so nice to you
  6. oh wow, what a wonderful story, and what a stock they had :drool: Can't go wrong with such a beautiful classic :tup:
  7. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. wow!! nice choice.. shes gorgeous!! and i'm sure you will look fabulous with her at your high school reunion!!
  9. Congrats! Yes, you're right, some SAs don't have the "authority" to do certain things such as put their client's name on a list for a desired bag. But the privilege will come with seniority. You did very well.
  10. OH WOW! I bet you were on cloud nine! what a gorgeous bag!
  11. That's a lovely bag, congrats! Gold is a yummy colour!
  12. OMG congrats!!!!! nice story.....
    Gorgeous B and so classic~~~~ :drinkup:

    modeling pics plz... :graucho:
  13. Congratulations on your Birkin. It is beautiful.
  14. :yahoo::yahoo:CONGRATULATIONS! :yahoo::yahoo:

    It looked GORGEOUS!! totally scored!!
  15. Oh, she is DIVINE! So classic and beautiful. Congrats!