Scored some Bulova bling!

  1. I decided to reward myself for a good performance at a recent conference and an additional presentation with a pretty new watch. It looks like this but the dial is a really soft blue:

    It has real diamonds too, it sparkles :yes: ! I'm a grad student, so I can't afford some of the serious bling out there, but this piece makes me feel really special. I'm picking it up tomorrow (it's being sized), I'll post a real life pic soon.
  2. oh how pretty!

    I had a Bulova before and it was a great watch!
  3. Ooh! It's beautiful! I really like that style, and of course, the diamonds. I've been eyeing watches like those, and that one is just gorgeous. Congrats!
  4. Oooh, nice, love the diamonds!
    I use to have a Bulova, they're pretty great!
  5. Very nice! Congrats!!
  6. Lovely watches! Bulova is a great brand - I have two of them!
  7. Very pretty- congrats
  8. Thank you for all the sweet comments! I'm glad to hear that you guys have had so much luck with Bulova. I've attached a few IRL pics of the watch to this post - sorry about my camera, it doesn't capture jewelry well.

    I got this watch at Macy's for 50% off, I was really happy about the price. I am friends with an jewelry SA there so I try to buy all of my pieces from her - she'll sometimes give me an extra discount if she can. She's great! I think Macy's has good prices on these watches, but even simple repairs are sort of a watch needed a new battery and it took the jewelry repair SA an hour of trying to replace the battery before she gave up and sent me to a jewelry repair store in the mall. It took the store about 5 min to replace the battery. Resizing the band took Macy's awhile too. But I guess I can always take it to a Bulova dealer if it needs a repair - Macy's will cover all repairs for 2 years, but if I run into a minor problem I'll probably just take it to a professional jeweler.
    bulova1.jpg bulova2.jpg
  9. Very nice!

    My Bf still owes me a Chopard!
  10. I also have a Bulova and I love it. Nothing bad to say here!

    Everyone deserves a reward every so often ... enjoy it!!
  11. beautiful watch!!!
  12. Prettw watch! I almost purchased that in Macy's, but ended up a Citizen Diamond watch. It's quite nice. You can't go wrong with Bulova, either. Enjoy