scored MJ Mix Quilted Tote in Bloomingdales presale!

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  1. Went to a new Bloomingdales near me this afternoon in Chevy Chase, Md., and presaled the MJ Mix Quilted Tote in black!!!!!! :heart::heart::heart:

    Thought I wanted something MJ in Teal (which they had none of). Then I saw this bag for the first time IRL. It's gorgeous and super functional; similar to the Alyona, which I was previously considering. Pics don't do it justice. And I really *ACTUALLY NEED* a new mid-size black bag, so I'm pretty psyched. (Last black bag I bought was a Large YSL black patent Downtown, but that's really big; more of a work-only tote.)

    Got this MJ for 30% off ($1495 marked down to $1046). Whatta great deal, huh??? Only problem is I can't pick it up til the sale actually starts November 29.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Mix Quilted Tote4.JPG Mix Quilted Tote2.JPG Mix Quilted Tote3.JPG
  2. I like this bag. Nordstorms has it in grey for 40%. They're preselling now. The sale starts on Friday.
  3. ^^^Yes I realize I could have called around, had a bag shipped to me, and received a slightly bigger discount. It was more important to me to see the bags IRL and select my own. Been disappointed several times in the past with the quality of shipped bags, particularly as far as scratches go.
  4. it's gorgeous, isn't it? it's my favorite mj bag right now although i have it in grey. the leather is so soft and smooth. i thought i had to be delicate with it, but it's actually quite durable. i got caught in the rain with it one afternoon. once it dried, there were no water spots and the leather maintained it's buttery softness. enjoy your bag!
  5. Beautiful!! I love the way this bag looks.
  6. I totally understand. Also, to get a black bag at a discount is always great! I don't think Nordstrom had the black on sale.
  7. I like the chain detail in the handles. Makes it very classy looking. Congrats Cosmopolitan!!:yes:
  8. lovely choice Cosmopolitan! the leather looks so yummy! congratulations on your purchase!
  9. Wow, fabulous size!!! Congrats!

    Haha, sometimes I hate pre-sales because you have to WAIT and come back and pick it up. It's like damnit just let me take it home!
  10. cosmopolitan, i've had it for a couple of months now and was using it everyday at one point. i have a tendency to not treat my bags gingerly, and still no scratches anywhere.
  11. ^^^Thanks tadpole! I can't wait to pick up my bag. I'll be in NYC in a few weeks (my husband's a New Yorker) and I plan on taking this new baby with me. :smile:

    Btw congrats on your teal Alyona. I'm dying to see your pics!
  12. love it! what a nice early holiday gift to yourself :biggrin:
  13. Gorgeous, I really love this bag!
  14. WoW! That bag is really gorgeous!! I love the quilted pattern on the's like a little flash of quilt! :graucho: