Scored at Macy's!!!

  1. I am totally not in love with the bags at coach right now. I didnt even buy anything at PCE (okay, i did but returned it except for the keychain). The bleekers arent me. During the last PCE i bought the red patent ergo...and I love it.

    SO i was at macy's yesterday and there was a black patent ergo hobo on sale for $274!!! It retailed for $478.... so now i have two patent ergos and I didnt pay full price on either....i'm pretty proud of myself!!
  2. COngrats!
  3. you lucky girl I have the red one and I know what a wonderful bag it is, congrats I haven't seen the black in a while at any of my department stores.
  4. Woooo! Great job and great bags!!
  5. Those are beautiful bags, all sparkly !
  6. Yayy congrats!! GORGEOUS bag & that's an amazing price!! I bet you can't wait to showcase that bag during the holiday festivities, it'll go perfectly with cute Christmas outfits :smile:
  7. Congrats, what a great deal!
  8. Nice score!
  9. that is awesome...
  10. Woo hoo! That's how I scored my black patent hobo at Nordie's, it was 228 and I was totally in shock!!!!
  11. Egad! WIth all these sales I'm gonna find it pretty hard to stick to my Wishlist if I keep monitoring these threads!
  12. Congrats, girl! It tastes so much sweeter not having to pay retail, right?
  13. Great deal on such a stunner of a bag. Love the patents!
  14. great deal! congrats!
  15. what a great deal! congrats! :tup: