Scored an informal meeting with LVMH for a legal internship. Send me good vibes!

  1. I just got the word this evening that an LVMH attorney is willing to meat with me. Seriously. I am freaking out. I called in a favor and my friend actually came through for me. So I'm flying to Paris and I'll actually get to meet with her to talk about my career goals. Wow.

    Probably everyone here already know but LVMH is Louis vuitton Moet Henessy Group. Just the most awesome-est job possibility EVER!!!!!

    It's just an informal interview, not even a real interview. But still! Even if it's not a good fit, perhaps I could get some helpful advice?

    Guys please send me good vides, say a prayer, light a candle, heck do a rain dance if you can! I need you positive energy.

    Thanks so much for reading!

    I'm so excited, I'll never get to sleep tonight.

    OMG imagine all the bags I could buy! :nuts:
  2. oh my god thats amazing!! i would die for an opportunity like that! good luck
  3. Congratulations and virtual vibes to you!
  4. Congratulations! Very happy for you :biggrin:
  5. oh my gosh!! How exciting! I would love to have an oppourtunity like that! I am so happy for you, sending great vibes your way!! Congratulations, and please keep us updated!!
  6. That is SO exciting La Miss!!!!! I'd say at least 50% of the workforce have been recruited after a casual meeting. You're going to do fabulously, I'm sure. And she'll make you a job offer on the spot, including an additional 20% off the normal staff discount just because you're so wonderful!!!
  7. Omg thats too cool! Congratulations!!!!

    I hope it all goes well in Paris - I'll be sending some positive vibes your way for sure.
  8. Good luck good luck good luck!! *sends all kinds of positive vibes your way* How exciting for you!
  9. Congrats and best wishes! :tup:
  10. congrats! LVMH is the most sought after company to work for by students in France (and possibly Europe?)! hope the opportunity grows into something even bigger!
  11. that is fabulous news!!!!!
  12. Well done you!!!!
    You'll have to tell us how it went!
  13. Good luck.Figures crossed hope it works out for you and you get that job.
  14. oh good luck! let us know how it went.

  15. oh my god. good luck, have fun... that's amazing.