Scored! A violet veneta...reveal

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    I thought I had procrastinated too long and missed my chance but I scored on eBay. The violet looks so different in different lighting that I had a hard time getting a good photo. The wallet next to it was purchased in the Carmel store a few months ago. The mirror matches but looks a little off on the color because I leaned it at an angle. Trust's gorgeous!

    I just previewed this post and the photo is going to be in the wrong direction...Again. Obviously, I have not mastered my iPad. Don't miss the horizontal flower.....
  2. Gorgeous!
  3. The color is divine... enjoy it!! Well worth the wait
  4. :woohoo::tup:
  5. Beautiful!
  6. I love this color, it's beautiful. I'm a newbie to BV. Is this color discontinued?
  7. Diane - Welcome to the BVette violet sisterhood. What a great find. Well done. You will so enjoy BV's best purple ever. I'm going to take my violet collection out for another spin this weekend to brighten up our gloomy bay area skies.
  8. It's from a previous season. It isn't in the boutiques now that the newer seasons colors are in, much like sportswear colors change with the seasons. However, you can often find previous seasons colors on the resale market. Sometimes they are still new (never used) and sometimes they have been loved but are being released back into circulation by people who either no longer use them of want to recoup some funds so that they can purchase something new. I am relatively new also, but there is a wealth of information on this site and you can get a good education by reading what's already posted or by posting questions that others are happy to answer. People here are very generous with their knowledge.
  9. Mousse,
    Last summer when I bought my violet wallet in Carmel I was hoping that little accent of the color would be enough. But, just like a half of a candy bar, it only made me crave more. I had been trying to stay with neutral colors because I thought it was a safer way to go....obviously that didn't work. I guess I've gone down the rabbit hole now. But I still haven't exceeded my personal bag limit. Her maiden voyage is on Monday.
  10. Who wants to play it safe all the time? :graucho:
    Great color, btw.
  11. diane278 - what a beautiful bag, congratulations!
  12. wow, what a find, looks new too :smile:
  13. You're right! And it's a lesson I have learned. I absolutely love the violet. I only have one more bag on my "want" list and that is a cervo. I will probably go with a "color" rather than a neutral there, too.
  14. Oh my goodness, that color! :loveeyes:
  15. Violet is an amazing color. I have a Knot and a Coin/Key purse in that color. So fresh yet deep and infinitely wearable. I think yours is dreamy. I really like the idea of the medium. Seems like it'd be great proportions with that color. Wear in happy bright violet health!