Scored a Stam at nearly 40% off!!

  1. I was at Saks/BH this weekend and spotted this gorgeous Topaz Stam. Sales woman said it was on sale! I decided to open a Saks account for the additional 10%off, so she came out to $850 before tax. I really should have left her with the nice sales lady, but she was a bargain! And i adore the brown lining. And i bought the Alana bag the week before, so i've been very bad. But i worked too many hours last week, and so i think i deserved it. :woohoo:

    and my Alana
  2. Congrats on your find! Enjoy your new Stam!
  3. Beautiful Stam and Alana bag! What a steal! Congrats!
  4. GREAT price on a gorgeous Stam! Congrats, I am super envious!
  5. Gorgeous bags. Did they have any more stams on sale?
  6. wow! that is a great deal on your stam!! I LOVE TOPAZ!! it is such a pretty color to me!!

    enjoy her!!
  7. This is the nicest color I have ever seen a STAM in....CONGRATS!SO HOT!
  8. Wow - gorgeous - congrats!:smile:
  9. OMG.... that STAM is gorgeous! :drool:

    Congrats on the new bags!
  10. Oh, she's beautiful! It's always nice to treat yourself!
  11. congrats!! but whats the deal with that alana bag? i've never seen it before- she is sooo cute. what a perfect shape.

    please post modeling pics when you get a chance!!!!
  12. thanks so much ladies! i took her out today and a lady and her daughter nearly took me out because they wanted a look at her.

    pquiles, no more stams on sale. Saks/BH had a bunch of the "marc jacobs" labeled bags, some banana hobos, and a couple bal harbour bags. sales lady said they put her on the floor that morning so i got lucky.

    yes.please, i heard the alana bag was a special order for Nordstrom only. they had my bag plus a tote in black and beige. i went into the MJ boutique in LA this weekend and the sales gals had a minor freak out over my bag. they had seen it in the style book but never in real life. a couple of the gals even tried in on in front of the mirror.
  13. Congrats on two gorgeous bags! After working long hours of course you deserve them!
  14. Wow!! That's a GREAT price!! And the topaz is a really nice color! Congratulations!!
  15. Love the Topaz color!! Congrats on your fabulous bag and for getting her at such a great price!