Scored a Pistachio in HK!!

  1. I was just randomly walking around in Causeway Bay in HK, and found this gem at a famous second hand purse chain store. Had to grab it ASAP!!! :heart:
  2. its gorgeous!! It looks perfectly worn in CONGRATS!
  3. Thanks! :smile: It was definitely loved by the previous owner.
  4. oh my!! :drool::drool:
  5. i always enjoy staring at slouchy bbags. congrats!
  6. Oh my, that is a beautiful bag/color! Congrats!! I'm so jealous now!
  7. :wtf: Wow!
  8. Congrats on a scrummy find.
  9. Wow. What a score!!!

    And she's in great condition! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo::yahoo:
  10. congrats! a rare find!
  11. Yeaah! Can't believe it's from 2004! @__@ :p
  12. Gorgeous! I love it!
  13. Gorgeous! what a score :drool::wtf::tup:
  14. Looks lovely. I just bought a twiggy and a city in pistachio- i really hope they look that nice!
  15. yum! is this the same as annis or another fab green that i didn't know about?