scored a mbmj bag at nordstrom rack for $60 but...

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  1. it's "altered or refinished" lol one corner patch on the back is weird but you cant really tell unless you look close up, didnt take a pic of that corner though.

    (it's the Little Kelsey Crossbody bag in hazelnut)

    anywhoooo, you can also tell that one half of the STRAP is replaced/altered/refinished, it's cracked/has been folded A LOT, i dont know how to make it better, i tried leather conditioner on it and it seemed to only help a teeeenie bit, feels a lot less soft than the rest of the strap and is also thinner and a more fragile. i sorta cant get over how fragile the altered part of the strap is. other than that, i think it's really cute especially on how cheap it was, kinda like i got it off ebay. it was even EXTREMELYYYYYYY dirty when i bought it, i had to clean it like crazy. :nuts:

    one pic shows the part of the strap that is fine and another shows the weird folded up, fragile, thin part.

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  2. If you can overlook those flaws for the price you got it at then it's fine! Enjoy! Is the folded part of the strap on the underside?
  3. I think it's fine for the price.

    I bought a MbMJ at the rack with denim color transfer on it. I got it for a good price so it didn't really bother me.
  4. no, it's on both sides and it's on the top part.
  5. I think for the price you paid its great! Use it as your "bumming around bag"~ its adorable. I love the MbMJ Flash-style bags!
    Congrats on scoring this lil' cutie~
  6. I think it's ok cuz it was a steal! It wouldn't bother me. ;)
  7. Great score!
  8. that's a great deal.... do you think the leather variation is causing the straps marks? the leather on this line is really distressed in general.
  9. no, i can see where a new different strap in the same color was stitched on in the middle. but yeah, i'll chalk it up to the distressed leather category :smile:

    im just worried it might wear down or rip fast since the person who had it before me seemed to keep folding it in the middle, i guess they tried making a knot on it to make the strap shorter.
  10. wellll.....even if the strap doesnt hold up over time, you could always get a cobbler or local leather repair place to fix this one, or heck, even make you a new one!
    The $60 price is well worth it!!!!
    It's lovely~ just enjoy it!!!!!
  11. what a great price!!!
  12. good point, he could just shorten it and reattach it and it wouldnt matter much because the strap was very long to begin with lol thanks!! :P
  13. yeah i was shocked lol kinda made a big deal about the price when i first saw it at the store, hope nobody paid attention to me while i was on my way to the cashier lmao. i was looking for a light colored bag since i mostly had "boring" black ones that werent crossbody. :smile:
  14. Cute! I love this bag. What a score, really!
  15. Even with the damage, that was a nice find! Hope you can make it work for you.