Scored a bow satchel at Saks today!!

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  1. I got the Aluminio one. Walked in and saw it there, then a sale person comes over asn tells me about a promotion they are doing (get $400 GC when you buy two bags over $1000, and triple points). So I got the bow satchel and a small clutch. Salesperson had me open a saks car for an additional 10% off. I'm so excited, I've been eyeing this bag for months. FYI - they still have more if you look for this bag...they had black, Aluminio and a brown color.:yahoo:
  2. Congrats! It's such a good deal!
  3. Darn, I am so going to Saks BH today.

    I bargain with DH for 3 hours of shop time. Nothing kinky. It's a straightforward car stuff/shopping time transaction. Bags on delivery in exchange for equal time for DH to do car repairs plus a free dinner for him.

    I will be at Saks ALL day with a side trip to Prada.

    Gotta get dressed now. I will be leaving in 1.5 hours so ladies , LET ME know if you want me to check out prices.
  4. congrats alxangel! post pics!! :biggrin:
  5. Yes, please post pics!!
  6. Our local Saks has the Prada right inside, have a great day
  7. Congratulations, alxangel! I need to get my $400 GC. May I ask which SA you worked with?
  8. was the brown colour a light brown or dark brown alxangel? also whats a saks car?
  9. Hi alxangel, which Saks has the alumino? I've been searching like a crazy woman!


  10. Congrats alxangel! How is the leather on your bow?
  11. Hey Linpaddy... what did you find? Anything worthwhile at Saks? How about Prada? I just got an email from my Prada SA about some nylons they just got (same pattern as the wavey stripes purses) in cute spring colors... did you see them? Are they worth the *choking* $1400 price tag?

    I hope you held off buying anything today (don't forget next week - back alley somewhere!) - otherwise, your 'transaction' just turned kinky! hee hee.

  12. I worked with Richard Caputo at the Short Hill Saks in NJ. He was very helpful.

  13. I got the bag from the Saks at Short Hills Mall, NJ.

  14. I think the brown was a dark brown. Saks car = card....I was typing too fast.
  15. I couldn't find anything to buy. Chanel was PACKED! And all attempts at secrecy were abandoned since women were marching up to SAs and insisting on presales.
    Most SAs have also called their regular clients so the secret is out!

    I had to treat DH to 3 dinners (we went to 3 restaurants cos' he wasn't happy with #1 and #2). I think we're too full to be 'kinky'. :love: I didn't buy anything today...heee. Maybe the back alley event will have more to offer!

    Go get your HG gaufre. Remember to break up your transactions into 2 if possible if you are exceeding $1000. Hee Hee. Then you'll get $800 in gift cards back!!

    Oh yes, Saks BH has a new shipment of bows. Go check them out.

    alxangel, I'm sorry to have hijacked your thread! I hope you are enjoying your new bow! :heart: