Scored a Blue Jean bracelet!!!

  1. My morning ritual includes checking Let-Trade just to see what's new. Their past few updates have really disappointed me but not this time!! I was so tempted by the supercheap Goyard and LV Lockit but then I saw this and instantly clicked on it!

    It's a leather bracelet in the blue jean color. I'm not sure what the style name, but it was only $139.99 INCLUDING tax!! :wtf:

    So excited!
    herazl02sm.jpg herazl07sm.jpg
  2. I think it's called Artemis? Hopefully, someone else can confirm. Congratulations.
  3. Pretty, congrats!
  4. love it~
  5. How lucky!!! Congratulations. Unbelievable price:yes:
  6. Very pretty! Congrats!
  7. Beautiful!! I love it! And such an amazing price! Congratulations!
  8. It's a wonderful feeling getting something really pretty at a great price!
  9. WOW. What a great deal, I wish I'd come across that!
  10. thanks everyone! i'm so excited to get it!!

    MsReya, thanks so much for that link! i'm going to bookmark it for future reference, it has a lot of styles i've never seen!
  11. WOW! What an amazing deal and that's a super cute bracelet. I had a red one with gold several years ago but sold it thinking I'd find one with silver--never did and forgot about it til now. Thanks for the reminder!
  12. what a great find!! Congratulations!
  13. That is a score....such a cute bracelet. Lucky you!!!! Congrats.
  14. Fantastic find!!! Congrats.