1. Ok after tpfers told me about the Denim Legacy line, I went to Coach today. I finally saw the Legacy shoulder bag myself and I still liked the white leather one. I was asking the one Karling got for her birthday, but the SA told me they didn't come out the one with white leather trim/khaki signature. :confused1: I asked "Is it sold out?" and she said no "it didn't come with the white one." I didn't see the one on Coach's website either, but I saw Karling's photos of the bag. Maybe it doesn't sell in Chicago?????:shrugs: Anyways the hardware is shinier on the white leather/ Khaki signature Legacy. I couldn't make up my mind which bag to get, so I left the Coach store with empty hands.

    But the weather was so nice, I had to check out more stores before heading back home. I went to Bloomingdale's and I saw these cute things...I knew I must bring them home:graucho: and they also made me want the white shoulder bag even more. I think I will get the bag very soon.......................see pics:love:



    flat1.jpg flat2.jpg
  2. That's funny that the SA didn't know about my bag. I first spotted it in the catalog which is still up to view on the Coach website. You're correct. the hardware is shinier than the other bags. I really love he white shoulder bag too. I am thinking I might save my money for a Hippie in white leather. I love those shoes! They are adorable!
  3. So Karling where did you get your bag? I kinda like it too with the shiny hardware.
  4. I called the store in Palo Alto CA and they shipped it to me. An SA from the Mall of America store gave me a short list of stores that still had this color listed in their computer records.
  5. I loooooooove the Mall of America store! They're such sweethearts!
  6. awww they are adorable!! I am a sucker for cute flats!
  7. cute flats!!!
  8. Those shoes are adorable. Very nice! How much were they? (If you don't mind me asking)
  9. $138.00
  10. Cute shoes :smile:
  11. Very cute!! Great find!!!
  12. Congratulations.
  13. Adorable shoes. I love the denim signature stuff. :yes:

    I think I remember seeing the signature/white bag in the catalog - have you tried calling Coach to order?

    Good Luck and enjoy your new shoes!
  14. Very cute shoes!
  15. Ilovepurse007, CUTE flats! Enjoy!