1. DH FORGOT that Mother's Day was this past weekend so despite the fact that I already purchased a Kooba (my gift from my son) I managed to fenagle a birthday purchase :P

    I'm between either of these

    Mono Perfo Bandeau in Fuschia

    or Fleu de Porcelaine bandeau in blue


    Fleu de Porcelaine Bandeau in blue

    Should I get both bandeaus and a venis cles
    Or one (which one?) and the Wapity?
  2. i would get the porcelaine in blue and a vernis cles!
  3. I would get the second one!!!:love:
  4. Second one and a wapity!
  5. I like the fuschia mono perfo scarf!
  6. I vote for the Mono Perfo Bandeau in Fuschia
  7. The BLEUUUU one w/ the FLEURS :smile:
  8. I vote for the blue. It's such a beautiful color :love:
  9. Second one !
  10. ive seen both irl - the fushia perfo is stunning compared to the blue
  11. The blue is prettier.
  12. I say the mono perfo in fushia and the wapity :yes: :P
  13. The blue! :love:
  14. I ditto this :cool:
  15. I am in love with the Fleur! Are they available in store because I didn't see them when I was there? :love:
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