score! tokidoki #3

  1. i started late in buying tokidoki so it's very hard to find anything good anymore... i was shopping around macy's yesterday and found a notte campeggio.. it was on sale at 25% off, so $120... i thought good deal... i asked the lady to hold it for me because i wanted to get a 15% off coupon from the paper.. well i couldn't find a paper at the mall... i left. today i decided to hit another macys and see what they had... i really wanted the campeggio cause of the size and i like black because it matches with everything... looked around and all i could find was a tutti buon viagio... it was ok, but not what i wanted... i didn't see anymore tokidoki. i was just browsing around circling the handbag department. i was on my way out when i saw it... it was a notte campeggio hanging on the dummy!! yay! for me.. i had the cashier lady help me take it off... it was $120 still and i told her about the qee that was missing, she gave me another 10% off... total was 91.xx+ tax after the 15% coupon and the 10% off... :yahoo:.

    i love it, so much space and the lining is really cute!:heart:
  2. You can try eBay, prices seem to be slipping, especially auctions that end on weekends.
  3. ^ Yeah seriously prices are slipping a lot (well bad for sellers - good for buyers). I assume because it's maybe close to the super bowl? haha or not..
  4. call up the LeSportsac outlets. currently all their bags are at 65%, but they are limited. the only print they have left is Adios Star.