Score!!!! Got The NY Scarf And Keychain

  1. I told my brother not to bother walking into the new Gucci store this morning because all the NY stuff was sold out...but nooooooooooooo, he went in anyway and asked for the scarf and was told there were 3 left....except for the fact that while he was being told this 2 women had just pulled the last 2 from the display case!! So the SA RAN to the window and got the last one off of display!!!!! The SA was very nice and said he would steam it and make sure it was perfect and also that the keychain comes with it. My brother put me on the phone with him so I could avoid the sales tax by having it shipped out of state. So, a happy ending to getting something from the collection.
  2. Nice score!!! Post lots of pics when you get it!
  3. Hooray! Those scarves are gorgeous!
  4. Yay, congrats! I'm glad you managed to get something from the collection!
  5. you're very lucky to get something from that collection! Pls post pics as soon as you can. And you're also very lucky to have such a wonderful brother!!!
  6. OMG awesome.. I especially loved that the SA RAN to grab it for you, congrats !
  7. wooooooowww! Congrats, please post pics :drool: