SCORE, FINALLY!!PINK Classic w/ Gold HW!

  1. So.. So.. So EXCITED !!!! ahhahaaa...sorry if i m too hyper right now

    After hunting everywhere for this gorgeous Pink with Gold hw, I got it. YES I FINALLY FOUND THE RIGHT ONe !!!! (if only we can find the right one easily in real life too :p)

    So here I a m with my package, waiting for class, and my camera is out of battery:sad:.. but i promise pics will be uploaded later today !!!!

    can't help but come to tPF and share the joy. :heart:
  2. Congrats! I know how it feels to finally fall in love in a bag and it's not available readily. Then the hunts goes on....until you find one! What a happy ending. Please post pics! Yay! :yahoo:
  3. Pink I am so happy for you!!!:party: :happydance: :happydance:

    Can't wait to see pics!!! Where did you find it? I hated that none of my S/As could locate one for you so now I feel better about it since you have the bag!! PICS PICS PICS PICS:yes: I love the color pink too!
  4. It must look beautiful!!!!!! Post those pix when you can!!! I don't think I've ever seen pink with gold, I bet it's HOT!!! :yes: :nuts:
  5. YEAH!! Congrats!! How did you find it??!! I oh so know the feeling!! Just ordered the beige petit shopper and am totally blowing off work now...Congrats!! VERY happy for you! Enjoy it---you deserve it --the hunt is exhausting sometimes!! :heart: Emmy
  6. Pink and gold hw sounds like a great combo...Need pix!! :smile:
  7. i can't wait to see pix of this elusive bag!
  8. congratulations~~
    can't wait to see pics!!
  9. I'm excited for you. It sounds gorgeous.
  10. I'm so glad you were able to find one!:yahoo: It sounds gorgeous, and I can't wait to see it!
  11. your just talkng about the pink caviar classic in med/large with gold hardware right? (classic timeless collection)

    I seen a few of those at a recent store, I prefer silver hardware though...the gold ages the bag. But congrats to you!
  12. I'm so happy for you sweetie. Where did you finally find it?
  13. Wow, the color combination sounds beautiful. Can't wait to see pictures.
  14. NM @ Michigan !!!

    Yea, Pink with Silverware (all sizes) is comparatively easy to find. Pink with Gold HW is very rare in the Large size (10" x 6") currently.

    i m still uploading the pics, should be in a few secs !!!:yahoo:
  15. Hurry! We wanna see!:popcorn: