Score Again!!!! Got The NY Bag Today

  1. So this morning the SA called from the NYC store and said they received another bag would I like it??? Hmmm........I had told him if a bag ever appeared I'd take it so low and behold the bag is on it's way tax free and no shipping since they just shipped the scarf and yes he made sure I got another key chain :party: I can't believe how I have ended up with everything I wanted from this collection. So here is my advice for those who want some too: If you know anybody in NYC send them into the store on your behalf and I think you will be taken care of like I have as opposed to just calling the store.
  2. Wow, how lucky! Congrats!
  3. Yeah!!!! So happy for you!!! What size did you get?
  4. another congrats to you my dear!!! don't forget to post modelling pics as soon as you get em!!
  5. Congrats!
  6. That was lucky!!! Congratulations!
  7. He said it was the large one for $770.....I'm all about big bags. I will post pics once everything gets here. Thanks everyone for your responses.
  8. Congrats! The key chains are really cute too.
  9. Ahh.. lucky girl ! And I just commented on your scarf, congrats !
  10. whatttt????? another one?!?? you go woman!!!
  11. yaaaaaaaaay!! congratulations... that definately is a score for you ;)
  12. wow--- what a great price!! There is no such thing as a gucci bag in my city for $700.... lucky you.
    be sure to post a pic x
  13. I have to see it!!!! congrats!
  14. pics please!
  15. Nothing has arrived yet :popcorn:......I will post as soon as the scarf and bag arrive (they were shipped separately).