Score 1 For The Good Guys!!!

  1. I posted this in the Handbags & Purses area, but I also wanted to share this with my Bal friends who I know are as passionately against fake bags and everything that goes into creating them, as I am.

    Police Bust Up Alleged Counterfeit Operations, Seize Goods Worth Roughly $10 Million :woohoo::tup:

    Click the link or copy and paste this link in another tab or browser and I think it should work.

    Enjoy! I was really happy to see this as a top story on the 6 o'clock news here in Toronto.
  2. In case the link doesn't work, here is the article:

    A weekend raid by Toronto Police has shut down several allegedly criminal operations and reportedly taken thousands of counterfeit goods off the city's streets.
    "This is the largest coordinated series of raids that we've been involved in across Canada," promised anti-counterfeit lawyer Lorne Lipkus.
    A team of police, private investigators and lawyers were part of the weekend raid, and only Citynews cameras caught the massive bust.
    "This importer was distributing all brands of luxury goods from Burberry, Gucci, Chanel Louis Vuitton, Prada, just about every brand has been seen at this seizure," Lipkus said.
    Three people alone were arrested from one store on Spadina. The suspects include importers right down to the store clerks.
    "There's been eight people arrested so far, we've ceased approximately $10 million worth of goods," said Toronto Police vice Det. Const. Joe Male.
    Arrests were made all over the GTA including at a home in North York, a storage facility on Finch and three shops on Spadina were targeted including one where police allege counterfeits were being manufactured out of a basement.
    "In the basement we found that they we're actually printing the labels and sewing them on the shoes creating the boxes for Nike," said Male added.
    Lipkus insists selling counterfeit goods is a major offence in Canada.
    "The companies that are manufacturing legitimate products see this as a huge problem getting bigger," he said. "Counterfeiters are coming in and ripping the real companies off by billions and billions of dollars."
    An anti-counterfeit conference is being held in Toronto on Tuesday. Consumer specialist Jee Yun Lee will have a full wrap on CityNews at 6 including how these crackdowns are carried out.
  3. Oh , that`s so good...finally.
    I never trust anyone seller from Canada too much, because of that.
  4. i'm glad that police are actually starting to do something about fake bags!!
  5. There are counterfeiters everywhere in the world... it's good news no matter where it happens :woohoo:
  6. I'm actually kind of surprised that they're cracking down this hard on people! But it's a very pleasant surprise. Down with the counterfeiters! :boxing::boxing:

    PS- Did anyone else notice the misspelling of "Louis Vuitton" on the video? Made me wince :shocked:
  7. :woohoo:LOVE IT
  8. how awesome!
  9. Gee, please don't write us all off! I know several Canadian PF members who would die of mortification if they ever found that they'd bought or sold a fake! Present company included!! :yes:
  10. ^ AGREED!!! Fakes are everywhere.

    Today, the same News Station did a half-hour call-in thing about the raids and spoke to the lawyer involved, who was a very intelligent and well-spoken woman. But most of the callers just made me sick... talking about how proud they were of their fake bag, they have no problem with buying fakes, where do the retailers get off charging that much, I only get served at Holt's when I wear my fake bag...

    1. If you don't like their prices, DON'T BUY IT. Find a nice high-quality leather bag at a price that you're ok with, and be proud to support an honest retailer. I have bags that aren't brand name that I love, and use all the time.
    2. If you're self-esteem is wrapped up in a counterfeit bag (or any bag for that matter), you should look long and hard at yourself, because there is something VERY not right about that.

    I wish I had called in!
  11. How on earth could the value of the goods be $10 million? To me, the value would be $10!!!!!!!!!! Maybe!!:graucho: