Scoping out my new bag


Help me find a new bag.

  1. Alma

  2. Saleya PM

  3. Other: Suggestions please!

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  1. So, I was thinking I need a new Damier piece. The only Damier one I have is a Papillon 30. So far the two that I was considering are an Alma or Saleya PM. Which one do you think looks nicer or I will get more use out of? I will also take suggestions. I am looking at bags under $1K. Since I bought the Pastilles KeyChain I have come to the conclusion that it looks best against the Damier pattern and I need more bags to use this on.

    Thanks all!
  2. Here are pics of the two.
    alma.jpg saleyapm.jpg
  3. i prefer Saleya PM ...
  4. I also prefer the Saleya
  5. I say Alma!!! I prefer Saleya PM in azur..
  6. The Alma is a classic, but the Saleya will hold a lot and you can wear it over your shoulder... I love both.
  7. Alma! Very classic besides being able to dress it down also. Saleya PM can only go be worn over narrow shoulders with thin arms.
  8. I love the damier alma :smile:
  9. Saleya here.
  10. I don't have thin shoulders or arms so for me the Saleya PM would definitely be a hand held only.
  11. Saleya!
  12. Saleya
  13. Saleya!
  14. Wow I am really suprised that the Saleya has been getting so many votes. I was leaning towards the Alma but now I am certainly rethinking it.
  15. Alma - it's so classy and your pastilles would look so cute on it!