Scoop of Sorbet!

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  1. Thanks to all who said to get Sorbet! This truly is a delicious color :P It is a very bright and vibrant pink - reminds me of Barbie :cutesy:

    This is my first PT, and I am really liking the shape of the bag. I had a similar bag (not a bbag, which I have now sold) and whilst I liked the size, it was more box shape overall so when worn with a strap it was like a box hanging next to my hip. I love how the PT tapers in at the top and just sits better when using the strap.

    So without further ado, here is a yummy scoop of Sorbet!

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  2. Wowza! Simply gorgeous.

    Many congrats and enjoy it!
  3. so pretty! congrats
  4. love your bag and beautiful charms:smile:so cute
  5. it is amazing!!! i want sorbet too!!! congrats
  6. Ooh sorbet is gorgeous, congrats on such a beautiful bag! :smile: I am drooling over the pictures.
  7. Is it just my monitor, but Sorbet seems to have strong purple undertones like the recent Magenta's
  8. beautiful color!!! mod pics!
  9. ohhh this colour is so feminine and yummi ,just like a strawberry ice cream :drool: congratulations!!!
  10. YUM! I love Sorbet! Always looks good enough to eat!
  11. Congrats, this looks so yummy and pretty!!!
  12. I think that is the prettiest pink yet! That is an amazing color!
  13. yummy, yummy... :biggrin:
    really nice spring colour, i'm so sick of all theat snow here btw
  14. Wow! so bright and cheery
  15. Sooooooo gorgeous! Sorbet is my fav color of the year. Congrats!!