Scoop NYC Pre-Sale Event

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  1. Scoop Pre-sale event: Tuesday, December 5th - 8am to 9pm, 1275 Third Avenue (@ 73rd Street), NY, NY
    40% off Fall Mens, Womens, & Kids Merchandise!!

    Sale officially begins Wednesday, December 6th in select Scoop locations.
  2. i got this in the mail too... i can't wait!
  3. went this morning. just stunk. nothing good and the sales were awful. they had a few mark jacobs bags but nothing great. i did like the east west bag.
  4. :sad: That's sad news. I was thinking of going this afternoon!!
  5. oops marc jacobs. lol.

    i should have known- it said "40% off" which is so low for them. they had cute jimmy choos but they were all small sizes.
  6. ACK, good to know.. i was gonna buy my BF some shirts there for christmas, anyone look at the guys selection?
  7. i did. again, nothing special. it was mostly pants. they had about a billion pairs of men's tan cords. feh. seriously, i hate that store.