Scoop: Damier Neverfull to Debut in Azur, NOT Ebony!

  1. Has anyone else heard this version of the Neverfull saga?:confused1:

    Saturday I was told by one SA that the DAMIER Neverfull will be out in *Damier Azur* first because of the ease of creating the design by keeping the vachetta leather the same and simply changing the canvas . . . and MAYBE the lining, but probably only the canvas.:wtf:

    My favorite (dark, ebony) damier, she said is a longer away than first thought!:tdown:
  2. That's not what has been said on the updates....Azur was supposed to be released early 2008.
  3. Let's see what happens. A lot of mixed information.
  4. Yes, there is. Sure wish we knew for sure :confused1:
  5. I'm gonna end up getting both, so I don't worry which one comes first!!! (even though the info I got from my SA was that Ebony comes 1st and in 2008 the Azur..)
  6. Wow :nuts: thanks for great new :love:
  7. whenever it comes out, I want it.
  8. Is there a waitlist for it yet? I am waiting to get my first Azur piece and have been wanting a Neverfull forever! *faints from anticipation*

    Although I think the ebony would look less flashy. :p
  9. I would have thought it would have been the Ebene because you lot on the northern end of the Earth are heading into autumn in a couple of months.. Azur is such a spring colour. Still, this is good I suppose for us Antipodeans. It's warming up down here already. :smile:
  10. hmmm...the mystery continues
  11. Also, one should neither understimate the drive to go on holiday nor the travel facet of the Louis Life. The winter is a time when many of us vacation and cruise.

    Around here, "cruise wear" (clothing and accessories) are often seen at year-end. Damier Azur is quite appropriate for any winter escape.

    Thus, this is good news for us all!

    Thanks, friend!

    Love Louis! Love Life!
  12. Thanks for the info