Scoop codes

  1. Does anybody have any scoopnyc promo codes?
  2. 10% off with code SDJ07. Not sure when it expires.
  3. Thanks!
    It's says I need to sign into an account though. I just ordered. =(
  4. Thanks atice! :flowers:

    I just got myself a Diane vonFurstenberg dress for $79! I actually bought the same one last night for $118 (pre-sale at that) at Bloomie's, but I found out this morning that it's missing a belt (what's up with me purchasing merch that is missing all this stuff!!). So, I'll get a new one in a better size, plus the belt!

    In addition, with the code, it's like practically free shipping! :wlae:
  5. I don't get it...i am signed into my account and it won't apply the discount.

  6. Were you already signed in when you put in the code and it wouldnt work? Thats what happened to me and so I just signed out, added the item again, put in the code, and then it thanked for the code and asked me to sign in. So when I signed in after putting in the code it worked fine :yes:
  7. ^^^you Are Amazing! Thank You, It Totally Worked!