Scoob's Collection =D

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  1. Started in January'07, so it's not that big yet! But it will be :biggrin:

    The pictures ain't that good because of the blitz =(

    Louis Vuitton Speedy 40

    Louis Vuitton key and change holder in pearl

    Louis Vuitton key and change holder in monogram canavas

    Louis Vuitton Pochette Compact in monogram canavas

  2. What happend with the pictures? :confused1:

    And how come I can't edit my post?
  3. You can't see pics because of this: "The Purse Forum is back in business! Please note that the attachments are still being transferred; until it is completed, there will be broken images and attachments across the forums. Thanks for your patience!"
    Anyway I can see your speedy, can't wait to see other pics!! :smile:
  4. Lovely speedy!
  5. Perfect bag to start a collection!!
  6. Great pieces, even without the pics I can tell you have a great collection!
  7. Great :tup: bags!
  8. Beautiful bag.
  9. Great bag to start your collection with!! :tup:
  10. Lovely bag-- can't wait to see the rest of the pics
  11. NIce speedy
  12. Awesome beginning!
  13. Fantastic Speedy!
  14. I love the Speedy 40, I rarely see it in that size. Do you use it as an everyday bag?
  15. LVoe it!