Scond hand chanel Jumbo XL

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  1. Hi everyone, I live in Perth, Australia, which is equivalent to a small deserted island.. Does anyone know anywhere besides ebay to buy second hand chanel bags? Or can anyone recommend any sellers on ebay which they have bought from before? Any help is much appreciated! thank you!
  2. Kaorin (from Japan) on ebay is where I got my Chanel Jumbo XL. She is legit and has a lot of bags from her family and friends of her mothers to sell.
  3. ocfashions on ebay has authentic bags is is very nice to work with. Her auctions start very low, so don't let that throw you.
  4. thanks bout mimiaction????ive been looking at her stuff for the past month but Im not sure that she is legit because I saw the photo of the bag that she auctioned and the previous one that she sold..looks the same to me???
  5. kamaloes and baby pink kitten. They are both very nice to deal with.
  6. mimiaction is legit.