SCNDLSLV's Latest Parisian Adventure


Feb 9, 2013
Great State of Texas
Hi all!

My latest trip to Paris was hectic and busy as I was there to attend Roland Garros. It was a wonderful experience and I'll definitely do it again. However, it drastically reduced my sightseeing and shopping opportunities. Good thing I have an amazing LV SA whom I emailed weeks before arriving and told him what I was looking for. He also helped me resolve some issues with TWO defective Neverfulls.

Sadly, I had to return my Racing Neverfull which developed some odd color transfer on the white letters and squares. Also, they agreed to replace the melting handles on my ikat Neverfull. I'm glad they were able to fix it since stores in the US have been very inconsistent when addressing this issue. So I'll pick it up when I return in November.

Now on to the good stuff!!!

Everything was purchased with my trusty and amazing SA at the Avenue Montaigne store except for one item that I got at Champs Elysees.