Scientology's Chief Cheer Leader & Katie Out For Dinner Last Night

  1. Tom and Katie made an appearance last night at Cut restaurant in Beverly Hills. And though the steakhouse is known for its choice cuts of meat, I'm wondering if maybe Tom had just a salad because he seems to be getting his figure back! And Katie, even in those warm winter clothes, is still looking more slender than ever!

  2. He really needs to do something with that hair.
  3. You read my mind. Keeping it short and away from the face is the best look for him. More youthful-looking I think.
  4. Sometimes i hate it when people dress up too much. Katie, are you even human anymore? alright I know they are out for dinner, but still.
  5. I am not a fan of either one, but Katie is looking a lot more classy and grown up lately.
  6. I'm not a fan of Katie's but she actually looks pretty here. It's nice to see her hair looking soft and wavy.

    Has Tom had some work done on his face?
  7. Tom looks like that for a movie role...he had to gain weight and grow his hair out for the role, that's why he looks so blah lately.
  8. Not a fan of either one, but I think VB rubbed off a lot on Katie.
  9. i dont like them...theyre strange..
  10. They look CUTE together!!!!:p
  11. She looks fabulous as usual.
  12. I like them. I think she's really pretty. I just hope they last.
  13. Not really a big fan of the trend of wearing black tights with black open toe shoes. Katie's coat does look warm though!
  14. His hair has been so dorky since he got together with Katie. Maybe he *is* trying to look youthful and it's working in a not-good way.
  15. Scientology's Chief Cheer Leader:roflmfao: ,good one Prada!

    I must say they do make a goodlooking couple.Everytime I see a photo of Tom I think of how damn good he looked in Top Gun :drool: .He would look even better if he was 6'2" .