science of sleep

  1. any michel gondry's fans here?
    i love this film! funny but touchy and very dreamy :p
  2. oh i wanted to see that movie. is it on dvd? i think i'm gonna rent it tonight.
  3. im gonna rent it.. im obsessed with Eternal Sunshine i have the soundtrack + dvd.. ahh
  4. yes, it's on DVD!
    really cool style, lots of dreamy shots and techiniques.
    sometimes, i even wondering if the scene is from a dream or reality.
    gondry made us feel like we're stephane in the movie.
  5. i liked it, but it's not for everyone. love gael garcia bernal...what a cutie. i think charlotte gainsbourg is also very cool (the daughter of serge gainsbourg and jane birkin!!!!!)
  6. wow, she's jane birkin's daughter?
    i don't know that, she's a good actress, i love her even without knwing her family backgound :yes:
  7. I finally watched it a few days ago. I really like the visual effects.