Schrodinger's a mom.

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  1. (We really just thought she was getting fat.)

    Last week, I woke up about 9 on a Saturday morning. She was jumping on my chest and bugging me as usual, so I got up to check on her food. I saw that she had enough and I'm about to go back to sleep when I hear the oddest sound coming from the floor next to my bed.

    It was Schrodinger.

    (I swear, before then I had no idea what keaning sounded like. Now that I think I know what that sounds like, I never want to hear it again.)

    At first we thought it was a mouse or a rat, or something. Um, she was giving birth.

    It was just the one kitten (whom we later named Penny). We were worried at first, because it didn't seem like she was paying any attention to her. We went so far as to go out and buy a hot water bottle and kitten milk and things.

    We come back and find her doing her mom thing: Penny was cleaned up and Shrodinger was nursing her.
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    Penny's living under the bottom shelf of my closet:


  3. Penny hasn't opened her eyes yet. I've read that it'll be about two weeks until she does, and she was born last week.
  4. Aw, so sweet!

    Is it that common for a cat to only have one kitten?
  5. Thanks!

    It's possible for a cat to only have one kitten. The average number of kittens in a litter ranges from 1 to 8.

    And I've heard from people more experienced in cats and kittens that one kitten is common for a cat's first litter.
  6. Congrats on the new kitty!

    My newest adoptees are mother and son and he was her only kitty too! She was only 11 mths old when she had him.
  7. Caitlin, what a furry little bundle of love!:love: Please please keep up posted with more pics, hon :flowers:
  8. How sweet!!!!
  9. LOOK at that lil pink nose!!!!
  10. What a sweetie babee!
  11. Aww, Penny is sooo cute!! :heart: Congratulations!
  12. How adorable! And just so you know: I have the same pj pants from Old Navy! :P

    Post more pics of Penny!!!
  13. She is adorable but why isn't your cat fixed?? If you are not a breeder there is no reason to bring more kittens into this world. Plenty are dying every day because there are not enough homes for them. You are lucky she only had one. If she had 6+ you would have had a hard time finding homes for them.
  14. aw that is SO CUTE!
  15. I have to agree with this. Enjoy the cute lil addition to your family, but please plan on getting both of them fixed. :tup: