Schould I keep this Bottega tote?

  1. Hi,
    I am new at this forum and I have been craving for a BV bag for two years now. I have finally decided to order this tote and now that I have got it I am afraid it is too small for my needs. But I also like it very much. Should I keep it or send it back? What do you think?

  2. Keep it!!!

    I saw that same bag in Quarzo just today, and the SA showed me how much I could put inside. The size is actually deceiving, and it could def hold more than I thought :shame:

    It's such a pretty bag too!

    Maybe you can take a pic of it with all your daily necessities inside? That would give us a good idea. Ooh! And modelling pics please! :yes:
  3. It's a beautiful tote! I say it's a keeper.
  4. It's beautiful :smile: I say keep it.
    but if you're not too happy with it then it's best to let it go & get something else.
  5. It's definetely a beautiful bag, but if you find it cannot carry your everyday items(if that is what you bought if for) then I'd probably return it.
  6. Can you try it on before you buy it? It's a really nice tote.
  7. I'm sure you could find other occasions to use that tote :smile:
  8. It is only good to keep if it fits your needs...can you fit all your daily belongings in it? Only you can answer that.
  9. There are quite a few other beautiful Bottega bags that might fit your needs better, so if you feel iffy about this bag, return and get another!
  10. This is what I was going to say. The prettiest bag ever that doesn't suit your needs will take up space in the closet. BV has so many great bags and another could be THE one for your lifestyle. good luck.
  11. Its a beautiful bag, but if it doesn't meet your needs you should return it. I am sure you will find abother BV bag that will be perfect for you!