Schools And Homes In Orlando Area?

  1. Considering a move there in Sept.Not quite sure if I should............
    My daughter is in a highly academic gifted program at her current school.SO I need to find a GREAT school for her if I decide to move from NJ.
    Can anyone provide me with school info...areas that r the best to live in..She is I need to look in a family friendly area for her.
    Any help is appreciated!
  2. Jill I am pretty sure all schools that are public have a GAP program. Dont they? All you would have to do is call the schools in orlando and see if they have GAP? Its not that rare. So you should be ok. Try this website:

    Also you might want to consider private school, I am sure that would be an option for you.
  3. don't have any advice, but on behalf of the other jersey girls, I'd just like to say:

    DON'T GO JILL!!!!!!!!!!!

    But seriously, good luck with whatever you decide! My cousins both live down there and have already said that they are going to go the private school route when their kids are old enough.
  4. The site Selena mentioned is really good. We are moving to the Sarasota area next month & I researched my boy's schools through too. My oldest is going to a public school for 1st grade & they have an excellent gifted program. Here's another one I did some reseach with..
  5. Hi Jill,Im fairly new here but I do live in Orlando.Ive been here for almost 20yrs,and I have 3 daughters.We have settled in a small town named Windermere,its been voted one of the best places to raise,and educate your children nationwide,not only Florida.The schools are A rated,and you have plenty of private schools to choose from as well. It doesnt hurt that you also have the Millenia Mall barely 7miles away.It has mostly high end designer stores:smile:A true paradise for bag shoppers:nuts:
    Look up Windermere,Fl. It means town among the truly is beautiful here:smile:
  6. Also look at Winter Park, FL. Beautiful area with a nice chain of lakes and excellent public schools. There are a few private schools in the Central Florida area - Park Maitland and Trinity Prep.
  7. I totally agree with Bag*Snob
  8. I lived in Oviedo/Winter Springs area of Orlando for 10 years and I loved it.
  9. My main priority is findin the best school for her..with a challenging curriculum...Gifted program.
    Thanks for all your GREAT advice!
  10. The houses in the development Celebration are really beautiful. You would want to get in a development. From my various moving around, I gave up count after 11 homes..... I would not want to move on any street in a town. The planned developments are much safer and seem to offer more. Of course I have lived in some gated communities, so I am biased. Sad to say but there is crime in Orlando. My friend's handyman was working at her relative's house and he was stopped at a stop sign 2 doors from her house and got jumped by 3 guys who robbed him and beat him up. They pulled him from his truck in the daylight hours. Scary..... I would say MOVE as fast as you can out of NJ.......I hate NJ more than words can say and pray we will be back in is a good site to look at houses. It might be better for you to rent before you rush in to buy. This way you get a feel of the neighborhoods, schools, ect. From what I hear the school system does have gifted programs. Good luck.
  11. As someone who lived in Orlando for 3.5 years (went to UCF, go Golden Knights!), I completely agree with Bag*Snob. Winter Park is a great city, with beautiful homes and very good schools. I've heard good things about both Park Maitland School and Trinity Prep, as well as the Master's Academy - I actually lived very close to the school, in Winter Springs :smile:

    You also might want to check out Orange County Public Schools at private school is definitely not your only option.

    Central Florida is a great place to live! Most of the communities outside of Orlando (Winter Park, Oviedo, Winter Springs, Heathrow, Longwood, Maitland, etc.) are very family-oriented.

  12. As a teacher in the FL public school system...I would say...go private! I know that sounds awful, but the FL school system has become so focused on the FCAT, that we are losing some challenging parts of the curriculum. An "A" rating does not neccesarily guarantee a high quality education, despite what you may have read.
    Best of luck, Jill!! FL is a great place to live! I am a Northern transplant and it feels like home (with better weather)!
  13. I also live in Windermere...beautiful area..My DD goes to Windermere Prep which is an excellent school... Windermere is close to great shopping too!!:tup:
  14. My in-laws live in Celebration which is such a great little city within a city.