School trip to Paris....

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  1. Four lucky pupils from the school were sent a week ago to Paris, to see and learn about the french capitals culture and history..

    And of course to see if some new students would be interested to join our nice school community!

  2. Paris roof tops and the class mates:

  3. Time for sightseeing.. Front of Louvre.

  4. :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo: I love field trips~~~ These 4 are sooooo lucky!!! I'm sure they will make lots of new friends and bring them back home to visit :graucho:
  5. Beautiful pictures, gorgeous classmates and a reveal is coming. Yeah!!!!
  6. Fantastic, lets see what they learned and who they got to know!
  7. Ooh, more pictures of Paris, please!!!
  8. Hey, hey guys and girls! You are under age! No wine!

  9. omg, here we go again! :yahoo::yahoo:
  10. Cooling off by the Seine river and some Paris traffic!

  11. yay Diamonds! Time to add new students - and Parisian to boot!!

    I looooove it when you add new pupils to the roster :yahoo: :nuts: :yahoo:
  12. The magnificent Notre Dame:


    On the way back to the hotel:

  13. Me too, Katel, me too. Bring 'em on, DiamondS! BTW, your Barenia Birkin is just incredible:drool:.
  14. Gorgy pics DiamondS :hugs:
    Looks like you had a wonderful time :heart:
    Love all four and usually don't pick favorites but that croc KP is TDF :cloud9:
  15. I sooo love your field trips DiamondS, wonderful photos, can't wait to see more!