School tote

  1. I'm going to college next year so i'm looking for tote that i can fit my books in and such! I want it to be a year round functional bag since i live in IL! So i was wondering everyones opinions and/or suggestions...

    coach signature stripe reversible tote in either punch or chocolate

    coach signature stripe shoulder tote in chocolate

    or kate spade small coal in black/kelly green kate spade

    thanks (:
  2. I would not say Signature Stripe Shoulder tote [I was also considering this as a functional college tote] because it has a dogleash closure. This leaves room for rain to get in and all sort of rubbish that just happens to fall into the bag [leaves, for instance, in the fall]. I would recommend the Coach Signature Stripe Reversible Tote in Chocolate, because it won't get too dirty. In punch, there is more of a chance of it getting dirty since you're going to be putting it down in lecture halls where people's dirty shoes have been. Kate Spade is a good brand too, their nylon pieces are fantastic and durable, and you're considering black/kelly, which is a very clean color as well.

    Basically for college totes, I would say to go with a clean color that will not get dirty and will fit your necessities. Also, consider the fact that you may be carrying around your laptop to lectures, so get a rather large tote. Hope my bit helps. :smile:
  3. for school, i actually use a hamptons baby bag. works perfectly and i dont have to worry about it getting dirty.

    you also need to think about the STRAPS of the bags. if you're lugging around tons of books, the sig stripe isn't going to be comfy.

    and i tried to get the shoulder tote to work for school and it was too small- but maybe because i was carrying too much?

    i had a carly i got for school (have since returned it because i was being cheap) and it was PERFECT.
  4. I would look at the Messenger Bags/Briefcases.
  5. i agree on both fronts...i have a hamptons tote (although not a baby bag) and it was great for spring/summer classes. the handles are extra thick, and the bag is large enough for binders, books etc.

    i also have a carly, and while i didn't buy it for school, i do use it for light days, and can fit a text and a notebook, as well as my normal guts.

    i would also recommend checking out the outlet. i have a transatlantic messenger that i got a couple years ago that is perfect for school. it's black, and has 2 large pockets, and 2 large sections inside, and an outside section as well.
  6. i use the carly for school and its AMAZING and fits everything i need
  7. check out the coach outlet. The leather book tote is a great bag for your purposes and it is usually discounted there. You can find it on but I would recommend getting it at the outlet as at least at my outlet (grove city pa) it is nearly always there.
  8. Hi There! I use the Optic Signature baby bag as my school bag - it fits my nalgene bottle, chanel glasses case (HUGE), makeup bag, wallet, flute (I am a music teacher :smile: ), scores, music, EVERYTHING! It also has a zip closure on the top. I have flown with it as my carry on, and my laptop fits fantastically! It is big for a purse, but perfect for a bag!!!

    Erin =)
  9. My SA offered this one as a choice since it has a compartment inside that could be used to store a changing mat for a baby, but can alternatively be used as a laptop compartment. What a win win situation.