School Sucks!

  1. I don't know why I keep going back to school for more education:push: . It seems as though the people teaching are clueless and quite dreadful. Have any of you just put up with it? Did it depress the heck out of you? In the long haul I know how valuable it is. How do you ladies deal with all the stress?:crybaby: :shrugs:
  2. I found an instution that has professors that truly care and are involved. That made my master's (w/children and working...STRESS) soooo much more enjoyable. Sometimes smaller institutions have just as great an education AND professors that are excellent. Maybe you could shop around?
  3. ^^good for you mshel!

    yeah, the school system in Canada sucks. i go to best ap school in canada, which make me wonder what the other schools are like.
  4. i just keep thinking about my future and opening up a medical spa as a dermatologist....and to think, i am just finishing undergrad in may then another 4 years of med school and another 3 years of residency...just keep your goals in the fore front and dont get side tracked because i know how stressfull things can get but dont quit, what makes you stress will only make you stronger in the end.
  5. OMG Am I ever stressed this semester!!! I want to pull my hair out. I'm taking 21 hours and I am so extremely overloaded. I have no life...I spend every weekend at home with my books. I just have to keep telling myself that It'll all be worth it. And I hear you about teachers...And another thing that drives me crazy is taking attendance in college!!! I pay to be there and if I want to miss, I'll miss. But 3 of my professors count off of the final grade for each class missed. It's crazy! Anyway, I hope your semester gets better and Best of Luck with your schooling.
  6. I have a few professors that are outright awful, one in particular this semester that wastes so much time in class being snarky and mean. I'm not paying for your damn snide remarks and cruddy attitude, I'm paying to LEARN so why don't you shut up and T E A C H?

    Luckily, out of the numerous professors that I have had, only two have been terrible; overall most of my professors are absolutely wonderful.
  7. School is very stressful (esp. now that I'm writing my senior thesis), but I can honestly say that I really enjoy being a student.
  8. I'm so ready to be DONE! I graduate in December, but it's taking me five and half years total (I switched my major a few times). Ugh! I have some great professors, so it's not really that, but enough is enough. I'm ready for something different. Still not sure what I'm going to do or if I'm going to do grad school, but these undergrad years need to be over NOW. :p
  9. Im dying to graduate and im counting down the days till May 12th, which is when its finally the big day!!

    In the mean time, ive realized that I dont have enough balls for th field im in (biology) as the teachers wil always kick you and then kick you again when youre down... To answer your question as to how I deal, I look forward to freedom (but not really since grad school is right around the corner) and I drink every free day I can!

    No, im not joking... :drinkup:
  10. What stressed me in grad school was the laziness of the tenured professors--they did nothing to prepare us for the field we wanted to enter. Most classes were evening and one guy showed up smelling of alcohol every week--of course he just felt like chatting, no actual content. when I got my Master's I felt completely unprepared. Grad school can be a bi!*%.
  11. I hear similar complaints about grad school a lot, and it's particularly disheartening for a starry eyed undergraduate senior! :sad:
  12. I'm undergrad right now, and I LOVE it! My school sucks, and the work is hard...but i don't want to go into the real world just yet. I'm enjoying having everything paid for, partying weekly, and living with my friends (I know it sounds like i don't study, but i really do). It's very stressful at times, but these are the best days of our lives. I would rather deal with term papers and exams than a 9-5 job, screaming children, cooking, and cleaning a house. Plus, in college it's called having fun, but in the real world it's called alcoholism :p
  13. i would still consider it alcoholism in college...
  14. School is tough, there is always competition and professors don't always "care." The way I always thought of it (when I was taking pre-requisites for pharmacy school) was that I just need to get the grades and be in organizations to look good on paper and get into pharmacy school so that I can eventually have the career that I want. It worked, not everything was fair, but I dealt w/ it and did what I had to do to get the grades I needed.

    Now that I am in Pharmacy school, it is way more difficult and there is still competition amongst the students (even though we all got in and will have the same career opportunites in the end). Professors are great, but still not always "fair." They are researchers and clinicans and may not be the best at teaching but they are super smart and great resources.

    I guess that I am just trying to say that things wont always be perfect or completely fair, but just try to get as much out of it as you can, and go along w/ the system to get the grades that you need. Good luck!!
  15. It can be hard for me to consider these the best days of my life. When you're paying all your own bills and tuition and taking care of yourself, sometimes you just want to be done and enter the "real world" (even if you're already basically living it) so you can make some real money and have a normal schedule and life! I loved college my first year, but after that it started to get old fast. I'm so ready to be done.

    Glad you're enjoying it, though! Don't take it for granted, though; some of us would kill to be in your situation (having things paid for, etc). Enjoy it!:yahoo: