School starts again.......

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  1. And with it starts my crazy schedule and struggles....

    Although its great, I am not exactly looking forward to the challenges...

    With me its all about timing and juggling..... my kids schedules, on top of my work schedule...on top of families needs....and then study time...its sooo much work but also alot of about you???
  2. I despise school to the fullest. I'm horrible at school and even god knows it. lol. But I have History, Political Science (double the research papers and essays, yay!), Algorithm (never took this in High School, I'm sooo going to fail this), and Accounting 101. Two classes that are math-related and another two dealing with time-consuming, hard research. I'm soo going to fail. :crybaby:

    Oh, and Alg. is an online class too, that's going to drive me insane. I'll have to check the website every single day, and if I miss even a day, I'll panic. I hate online classes. I would slack off and get lazy and wouldn't even do it. lol.

    I'm a procrastinator when it comes to school. But I'll try to do better this semester. I'm transferring to a Uni so I can't be lazy now. I hate my life.
  3. I will be more than happy to get them out of my hair :nuts: I don't think I've ever spent so much money! Mom can we do this, that, everything! Ack!
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    I've been going to school all summer, but I'm still not looking forward to "real" school. Oh will go by quickly hopefully!
  5. My school starts on 9/3. :sad: I am not looking forward to it.
  6. Eugh, I know exactly what you mean =p
    I have 20 credits plus 3 commitments to clubs and EMT...i have no idea how i'm going to do it =p
    But browsing tPF occassionally will definitely make me feel better~~
  7. Please dont remind me!! oh damn.. I'll try to enjoy it while it lasts...
  8. Oooh, my classes begin in two weeks, and I'm so not looking forward to my schedule. I work during the day from 9-5, and then I'm taking accounting and cantonese classes at night. So I have to go straight to class afterwork, and then get home after 10pm when I can finally eat dinner. I loathe night classes, but when you work, you don't really have a choice.
  9. Ugh me too. I am sooo not ready to hit the daily grind again... and now I have studying for comp exams for my PhD to look forward to as well... :hysteric:

    Why can't summer last a little longer?
  10. My last year of High School starts Monday!! ehhh
  11. :crybaby::crybaby:school starts after labor day...
    but i have to move in on the 29th
  12. I start medical school on Monday, and I have my first exam on the second week of classes. Way to throw me back into the swing of things. :tdown:
  13. I'm soooooo happy to be on vacation until October...but that's only because we had exams until nearly the end of July :biggrin:
  14. I am taking 3 classes this summer and then ready for fall starting 9/29. Looking forward to it.
  15. I start classes on the 18th and I am looking forward to it. I will probably be singing a different tune by the end of October.