school shopping..what did you get?

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  1. for those of you still in school or if you work at a school, what have you bought so far? i did a little shopping today and thought i'd share. i am a young teacher, and was going through my wardrobe and realized i don't have many basics. so that's what i was hoping to get- basics for my 'professional' wardrobe.

    1st pic- all from marshalls- they were having a crazy sale- whatever you buy (clothes and shoes only) is tax free unless its over 300 dollars. woohoo
    the red and grey striped shirt is from juicy couture for $20, the black long sleeved is express $3.00 haha, the grey shirt is the limited $12.00, and the dark blue flats are tommy $19.99. nothing too flashy or expensive, but all good for work. :smile:

    2nd pic- has nothing to do with work, i just found it at marshalls, by matty m (never heard of it), its a silk dress, i LOVE how it fits and the pockets and it was only $ you think it looks ok? i'm always weirded out by this kind of neckline. i think i obviously need a different bra, as you can kinda see the top of the bra cups...hmm

    3rd pic is stuff i got at banana- all on sale as well- socks (you can never have enough trouser socks- $3.99 each pair, and the pants were on sale for 14.99

    i know its silly, but i just love a good sale :yahoo:

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  2. Great purchases! I too, am a young(er) teacher and I have trouble finding things for work. I have been looking and looking without much luck. I will have to try Marshall's :smile:

    I know the brand Matty M is sold at Nordstrom's. I've bought a couple of their shirts and loved them. The dress looks great and I think you definitely got a deal!
  3. OP great finds!!!! I love Marshall's and TJ Maxx.

    I am a senior college student I bought the following:

    1 GAP brown maxi dress
    1 black Calvin Klein sleeveless Dress
    1 no name sleeveless shirt
    1 NY and Co Brown and White print dress
    2 mary janes shoes from Colin Stuart in Natural and Black
    1 Michael by Michael Kors flats in black piping and twill material
    1 no name pair of flats that are blue paisley
    1 pair of gold Nina sandals
    1 pair of gladiators sandals
    2 pairs of flats abaete for payless
    1 pair of abaete heels from payless
    1 hardrock Grand Cayman Shirt
    2 dresses from forever 21
    1 sweater from forever 21
    3 pair of shoes from Ann Taylor/Ann taylor Loft
    2 dresses from ann taylor loft
    1 sleeveless top from ann taylor loft
    2 cashmere silk blend cardigans from Victoria's Secret in Cobalt and Raspberry
    1 pair of kitson flats that are brown with a teal bow

    That is my shopping thus far for the school year. I didn't buy with the intentions of school, but random good sales. This was bought and ordered between July and August. Lately I have the shopping bug for shoes. I can't wait to hear what everyone else bought.
  4. I went on an AE shopping spree (darn you 30% off coupons:cursing: lol). I got...
    - grey skinny pants
    - tan pants (we can't wear jeans or logo T's to school :sad: )
    - blue patterned short sleeved shirt
    - hot pink tank top
    - white button down
    - Tshirt

    Then Forever 21, and I got...
    - plaid headband
    - silver necklace
    - grey high-waisted skirt

    Plus I got a knit navy blue and red dress that I'll probably wear the first day of school! I need to go to the outlets soon and do some REAL school shopping :nuts:
  5. I love that silk dress! It would look SO cute with a thin black patent belt :smile:
  6. The juicy is so cute!! I wish they had Marshalls in Canada.. =__='
  7. I went shopping but not for school [private *sigh*] and this is what I got:
    3 free people tops [on sale/clearance for cheap]
    matty m dress which is deep red
    madewell skinny jeans
    madewell top
    madewell skinny belt
    steven by steve madden flats
    urban outfitters skinny belt
    hollister seagull shorts
    juicy charm [empire state building]
    dooney and burke purse [only $30!]
    2 h&m headbands
    more but i forget
  8. i NEVER find such good deals! love the juicy top and the dress looks GREAT on you!!
  9. I haven't gotten that much this summer...all I wear during school are sweats :lol: but I went to American Eagle earlier this summer with some b day money and got a few shirts and some jeans. I need new jewlery though, I'm such a jewlery fiend!!

    BTW Candypants: I LOVE LOVE that silk dress!! Maybe wear it to our tPF meet on Saturday!! ;);) hahaha
  10. school uniforms for my 4 year old son:throwup: