School reunion & LV - what should i take...

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  1. Hello - I am seeking some advice for my husband.
    His 20 year school reunion is coming up.... and I wanted to know which LV item he should take?

    Hubby wants to take one of his briefcases along - to hold his camera, photos, family photos, and other school momentos.

    The question is - which briefcase should he take?

    He has 5 LV briefcase:-
    They are -

    President Classeur - Monogram and Black Epi
    Diplomate in Taiga Burgundy
    Epi Black Ambassador
    Monogram Servietter Fermoir

    The 2 soft cases are too small for the camera.... so it is a HARD CASE DECISION!


    Perhaps it would be better to take a plastic shopping bag.... incase the LV offends?

    I told hubby to take the Black Epi case......


    Also - what watch should he wear? His choices are ROLEX DAYDATE in 18K Yellow Gold, Rolex 2 Tone Diamond dial Datejust, a Brietling Navitimer or an Omega Speedmaster.

    Trying to get hubby to look successful but not too over the top......
  2. I was thinking ROLEX 2 TONE DATEJUST with the Black EPI President Classeur.

    For an understanded conservative look.

    I don't want him to be too over the top,......
  3. I think it depends on the event.

    Is it an evening affair or more of a picnic kind of thing.
    Big city area, or small town?

    At the 10 year reunion folks want to know what you are doing.
    At the 20 year reunion folks ask how are you doing.

    Have fun!
  4. The reunion is at an upmarket hotel - sort of middle middle class.
    It is a night time event.

    No spouses.....

    Husband went to a co-ed school.
    Hubby went to school with Jacinta Barrett from Bridget's Jones Diary fame.
  5. My guy just asked "Who brings a briefcase to a reunion?"

    Can he bring a more casual (though luxe) male bag instead?
  6. Good point.... but the President is US$4100-

    A casual bag does not have the same shock factor....
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    Last edited: Jul 3, 2009
    So you just want to impress the other folks by bringing the most expensive item?

    I agree with Gimme, I think a briefcase is too stuffy. He can bring something more casual, even if it's not $4,100 :rolleyes:

    The other men at the reunion will pay more attention to his watch anyway.
  8. ^^most people do not know prices or care a nice gold rolex with the epi is fine.. Oh PS your husband must love watches.....
  9. I think you girls are right...... NO BRIEFCASE IS THE BEST WAY TO GO....

    I think a briefcase will be too much.....
  10. I was just hoping you girls would say it would be ok to take a briefcase....

    BUT you girls are too clever.... hence the reason I run these past you girls.....

    anyhow.... AS SAD AS IT IS.... I think the briefcase may be too much......
  11. I was hoping it would be ok... but I THINK YOU GIRLS ARE RIGHT...
  12. My husband just said " I promise you that not one dude there will notice what briefcase he is carrying". I have to agree. Men sometimes seem like they are not very observant to the little details. However, it is always nice to send your man out the door and feel satisfied with how good he looks. But I would do it for yourself and not for them...the economy is so rough right now. I feel bad for all those that are barely putting food on the table.
  13. Not only are these very valid points, but a brief case is just not appropriate attire. It's like bringing a brief case to a wedding or other formal event... um, it's not a business function! He'll look like a corporate tool and that never impresses anyone, besides other tools.

    Just remember, good manners is all about making other people feel comfortable with good graces. I'm sure no one at the reunion will think your husband is a low-life and it sounds like your family is comfortable. If anyone assumes he's not successful because he didn't bring a brief case, they are an idiot. Besides, material things don't mean much anyways... people can rent a Birkin, diamonds or a Ferrari even for the night!
  14. I'm adding my 2 cents. When you go to a 20 year reunion, people most likely doesn't care what you bring with you. And carrying an expensive briefcase to a reunion seems to tell your old friends that you're trying to show off. What happens if the briefcase get scratch?

    True friends doesn't care what you wear or carry. Just tell your husband to wear a nice suit and tie and put on a big smile when he see his old buddies.
  15. in good taste would be a good watch...and a 100 watt smile...a nice shirt and good lv'll probably offend and he'll have to lugg it around the whole time...and that's no