SCHOOL RANT..but with a happy ending(for now)

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  1. Hi Guys..

    I work fulltime(in NJ) and go to school fulltime(in NY)..I work from 8:30-5 and then school M-Thurs 6-10, or 6-11 and Saturday from 9-12.. In short, I am very busy..
    So I was sitting in my Chemistry class yesterday (first session of the semester) and realized I already took this class..I could teach it!
    When I transferred, the college didn't analyze my classes properly so here I am sitting in Gen Chem 1 class when I should be in Gen Chem 2. This morning I was a crazy person calling my old school and getting a copy of my transcripts,course descriptions and syllubus (at work).. I then got in contact with my current school and got lucky enough the dean was in to review my paperwork and it was approved! So now off to Gen Chem 2, right? No. There is only 1 night class and 1 night lab and classes are closed out (no overs on the labs due to safety and legal issues)...So i'm about to freak out but apparently about 5 minutes before I called the department, a girl came in and drop the classes I needed! (MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) YAY! So then it was a nightmare to coodinate the registrar's office and the chem department because of paperwork .:crybaby: I was SO NERVOUS the class would close out before I could register but thankfully it was done and I registered after pleading and begging!!! :sThis means I could probably graduate at least a semester earlier!!!
    I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my chest although I'm nervous about the semester...
    Sorry about the long post..but I just needed to get this out
    thanks guys!:wlae:
  2. Hey, just think all that stress was worth it and now you'll be able to go on as planned!! Congrats on getting into the right class. :smile:
  3. I am glad that everything worked out for you!! That is very stressful!