school in styleeee

  1. So somehow i ended up at the coach store in san diego, (hehe not that im complaining)

    but i found this beautyyyyyyyyyyy (ok i dont have a picture but just imagine meeeeeeee in a coach (small c's) brown messanger bag WOHOOOOOOOO and what do i stuff in it? wohooooooo a coach brown portfolio and a brown wristlet for my phone and keys!!! :smile:

    now would it be funny if i wore coach tennies? ;) haha yeah i thought so too

    im so cool

    hehehehe :smile: jk im just excited! :yahoo:
  2. LOL! Congrats on the stuff! Can't wait for pics - it definitely sounds like you're "stylin"!
  3. You know we have to see pictures now, right? :graucho:
  4. stmack is sooo please :smile:
  5. Congrats and YES! Pics!! :wlae:
  6. Congrats!!! Post pics when you can!!
  7. Very nice!

    Throw the dog a bone here....I need to see some pics!
  8. Aha! I knew there was a smiley like this out there somewhere.


  9. ^^My sentiments exactly! Love that smiley.
  10. Lol agreed need pics!!!
  11. mannnnnnnn ok im gonna duck, BUT i dont have my digi with me!!!

    maybe i can take some pics with my phone and blue tooth it to my laptop

    ill try tonight hehehe i hope you girlys like it!!!! now to torture u for a few more hours! heheeh

    btw...any of you guys live in Oklahoma?? ive been here for 7 hours and im already dying of boredom!!
  12. what part of oklahoma are you in?
  13. oklahoma city!!!
  14. I'm from Tulsa. LOL. OKC sucks, Tulsa is so much cooler. There's a lot more fun things to do culturewise; art museums, the aquarium, nightlife.
  15. hey luved, just came back to see if the pics made it- congrats btw