School buses scare me, why don't they ....

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  1. have seatbelts? My kids are doing a lot of field trips far from school/home and the weather here is dodgy at best.

    How do you all feel about school buses not having seatbelts? Comments are super appreciated. TIA x0x0
  2. It surprises me that they still do not have seat belts... I always thought it was odd.
  3. Yeah my parents never let me take the bus to/from school. I remember hearing some reason that the design of them makes safe enough without seatbelts or something like that. I'm not sure if its true but ill go see if I can find where I read that. Safe or not, I think they need seatbelts!
  4. I heard someone say once that there aren't seatbelts because in case of an accident where the kids need to get out quickly, in theory some kids could panic and not be able to get out (due to the belts).
  5. I think the reason for buses not having seatbelts is that statistically they are more likely to have front and rear end collisions and sometimes seatbelts can be hazardous if not adjusted and buckled properly.

    My personal theory is that they just wouldn't want students using them on each other as weapons...
  6. at least in tx by i believe 2012 all our school buses will be equipped with seat belts, some of the new buses have them already.

    i guess the thing that scares me when they do have them is that an accident will occur and then children will be stuck in the bus because they are too frantic/frazzled to realize how to unbuckle it. and if by chance a fire or in water...that is a scary thought.
  7. I've often wondered the same thing, especially for smaller children who can barely fit the seats.
  8. I had wondered that also, but that makes sense. 5 and 6 year olds usually need help buckling without pinching their fingers, but in case of an emergency, will they think quick enough to know what to do? And, with a full bus of 60 or so, it would be hard to get to everyone who might be stuck. I remember as kids we'd sit in the back of the bus and it would be fun practically hitting the ceiling over bumps....too bad there isn't some happy medium.
  9. Back when I was in high school I actually was on a bus that had seat belts for a field trip. It was the only time I had been on a bus though with seat belts, but of course no one used them.
  10. They should have seat belts. Two years ago there was a big bus wreck where I think it was determined several childrens lives could have been saved if they were wearing belts.
  11. They should invent seatbelts that automatically deploy in fires/water. Or ones that stay tight during the impact and then 10 seconds later, lets go automatically or something.
  12. I'm bumping in hopes that more people throw in their opinion, this really is an important topic to me.
  13. Thank you everyone for your posts! It means a LOT!!!! thank you!
  14. hmm, but if there are seatbelts are the children going to put them on or the bus driver? How about keep them on?
  15. My son is 14 and he said that ALL of the buses for all grades in our town have seatbelts. We live in southern NJ. He also said that most of the kids use them but not all. I already knew this info. Just wanted to add that I think all school buses should have them. Im also wondering why other school buses in other states dont have seat belts?