School bag

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  1. I'm a senior in high school and I really want a new bag in school this year. I have been using my Louis Vuitton neverfull and sometimes I get to borrow my moms Balenciaga (giant 12 city bag). I go to a private school so i'm not the only one with a designer bag. I don't really have a budget jet but what bag do you guys think? :smartass:
    I really love Celiné, Chanel, Givenchy, Saint Laurent, Prada and Miu miu but they are pretty pricey...
  2. I guess that would depend on your budget! Plus, there are a lot of nice preloved bags available for a fraction of the original price. I myself have champagne taste on a beer budget, so buying a preowned designer handbag that came out a while ago doesn't bother me.

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  3. I do not have a budget yet but right now i'm loving the Givenchy Antigona.
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  4. I love that bag. Classic shape, and it looks pretty durable!

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  5. Exactly what I thought too! :smartass: The only problem is that I need to have my macbook air 13' with me so i'm not sure it will fit?!
  6. If money is an issue, I would consider a Longchamp.
  7. Depends on how much you're carrying! In college I got away with a cute tote but in business school I was carrying so many books that I just used a backpack. All the ladies (me included) who tried to use designer totes gave up after 1 month, lol
  8. My medium antigona doesn't fit my 13" laptop.. you may need to get the large
  9. In a place where you can see high end bags, why not choose a Longchamp Pénélope GM?
    I am sure you would get lots of compliments....and be the only girl in the school to carry it!:smile:
  10. That's actually a very beautiful bag, I'll definitely will check it out :smile:
  11. It's beautifully made and made in France!:smile::heart:
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